Self-Piercing Screws

Self-piercing screws are also known as zip, needlepoint, saber point, sprint point, speed point or twinfast screws.

They are essentially self-tapping screws with a very sharp point that can pierce through thin gauge sheetmetal. The self-piercing screw has a twin lead thread with the first thread rolled to the tip of an extra sharp point, and a second thread starting just above it. As the screw pierces and turns into the metal the two threads instantly engage and drive the screw through the layer/s of sheet metal with great ease & speed. Available head styles of self-piercing screws include: indented hex washer, pan, modified truss, pancake, pan framing,

We offer self-piercing screws in the following metals: zinc plated carbon steel, black phosphate carbon steel, ceramic coated carbon steel, dacromet coated 410 stainless steel, 18-8 stainless steel, copper plated 410 stainless steel, copper plated 18-8 stainless steel and solid copper.

Unit of Measure: M = 1000

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