Sheet Metal Screws

Self Tapping screws are also known as Sheetmetal or Thread forming screws.

The thread forming screw forms a mating thread bydisplacing the material around the pilot hole so that itflows around the screw's threads. Without removing any material it createsa fit with zero clearance.

Available in the following threads and points:

Type AB: spaced threads with a gimlet point forself-starting in thin metal or resin-filled plywood. Recommended for brittlematerials

Type A: wider spaced threads with a gimlet point for self-starting in thin metal or resin-filled plywood.

Type B: spaced threads witha blunt point(with incomplete entering threads) for moldedor through holes in thin metal, non-ferrous    castings, plastics or resin-filledplywood.

Type High-Low: twin-lead, consisting of a highand low thread with a blunt point. The lower thread varies in height from 1/3to 1/2 that of the higher thread, which is sharper and flatter than a standardthread. For use in plastic, nylon, wood or other low density materials . Threaddesign reduces driving torques, enhacnes resistance to thread stripping,improves pullot strength and lessens risk of cracking the work piece.

 Available head styles:  indented hex washer, pan, modified truss, pancake, flat,oval, button, round and truss.

Available metal and finishes:  zinc plated carbon steel, black phosphate carbon steel,  410 stainless steel, 18-8 stainless steel.


Unit of Measure: M = 1000

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