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Self-piercing screws are also known as zip, needlepoint, saber point, sprint point, speed point or twinfast screws.

They are essentially self-tapping screws with a very sharp point that can pierce through thin gauge sheetmetal. The most common self-piercing screw has a twin lead thread with the first thread rolled to the tip of an extra sharp point, and a second thread starting just above it. As the screw pierces and turns into the metal the two threads instantly engage and drive the screw through the layers of sheetmetal with great ease & speed.

Self-Piercing Screws

Point Types

Sharp Point Type 17 Point

Head & Drive Types

Indented Hex Washer Indented Hex Washer Slotted Modified Truss Phil
Pan Square Pan Framing Phil with Serrations Pancake Phil/Square
Wafer Phil/Square

Metal & Finish Types

Carbon Steel Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Black Phosphate Carbon Steel Ceramic Silver 1000HR
Carbon Steel Ceramic White 1000HR 410 Stainless Dacromet 1000HR 410 Stainless Passivated
410 Stainless Copper Plated 18-8 Stainless Plain 18-8 Stainless Copper Plated
305 Stainless Plain Copper Plain

Thread Types

Single Lead/Fine Thread Twin Lead/Full Thread
Twin Lead/Partial Thread Twin Lead/Hi-Lo Thread

Unit of Measure: M = 1000

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