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  • Full Carton Quantity: 15.000 M
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 0.100 M
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8 X 1/2" Self-Piercing 1/4" IHWH Sl Steel Zinc Plated

  • UM : M
  • Weight: 3.1

If creating pilot holes for fasteners is an inconvenience, self-piercing screws are a time-saving alternative. The 1000H1S0808 features a sharp end and twin leads to penetrate through sheet metal, wood and other light-gauge materials used in construction and assembly. This particular model has a #8 diameter and is 1/2" in length.

In addition to a slotted head, the indented hex washer allows the screw to rest flush against the material when fully driven and spreads the weight and load over a wider area. Made from strong carbon steel, this product also has a zinc plating to resist corrosion and add a metallic shine. Painted self-piercing screws are also available.

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Product Specifications
Diameter #8
Length 1/2"
Head Type Hex Washer
Metal Type Carbon Steel
Finish Type Zinc Plated
DriveType Hex/Slotted
Head/Drive Detail 1/4" IHWH Slot
Thread Type Twin Lead/Full Thread
Point Type Sharp Point
Origin Imported
Sealing Washer No
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